October 19, 2019


Sts Peter and Paul


Sts. Peter and Paul | 2:00 PM

4309 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Palmyra, VA 22963

Event Barn at Mount Ida


The Event Barn at Mount Ida | 5:30 PM

6903 Blenheim Rd, Scottsville, VA 24590


There is a UVa home football game on our date. Please book in one of our blocks as soon as possible!

Activities for the Weekend

Our Story

Picture of Caroline

Kevin and I met early on at the University of Virginia. We lived in the Kent dorm together (I was on the third floor, Kevin was on the first) and became good friends during that first year. I always knew that he was a cute, great guy who was one of those people you could depend on for anything (I remember Kevin gave me a piggy back ride home from a party one night because my shoes hurt my feet), but I never got the feeling that he was interested in anything more than friendship.

I had started rowing soon after arriving at school, and it wasn't until he joined the men's team during the beginning of our second year that our relationship changed. Instead of growing apart as school progressed, we spent increasingly more time together, had more in common, and grew closer.

We began dating on Easter weekend of our second year, stayed together through college, and continued long-distance while Kevin moved on to Notre Dame. Again, instead of growing apart, the distance only made our relationship stronger, and I finally joined Kevin in Indiana last year for grad school. Kevin proposed to me over Easter weekend, one week before our sixth anniversary, and I love that I get to be with him for the rest of our lives!

Pulling the handle on a rowing machine is boring and painful. Although this is not a good combination, it helps to have a deeper incentive. After meeting Caroline during our first year, I felt an immediate connection to her bubbly personality and had a great time getting to know her. By the end of that year, I was worried we may drift apart.

Upon returning to campus I joined the rowing team, knowing that we would be able to continue spending time together. Rowing certainly had its own benefits, but by the end of the year, Caroline and I had started dating, the best part of all. Fast forward six years and our relationship has only grown stronger. Despite graduating and moving to separate areas of the country, we endured three and a half years of a long-distance relationship. At times, that could be boring and painful (but hours on the rowing machine had prepared us for this). Caroline was great at communicating and always there any time I needed to hear her voice.

Knowing I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman, we returned to where our relationship started. I proposed to Caroline and we took a hot air balloon ride over the very river on which we had spent many early mornings rowing. She said "yes" and we're ready to navigate our new life together.

Picture of Kevin



Crate & Barell
Williams Sonoma

RSVP To Come Later

If you have any questions, please reach out at:

Groom: 469-426-6710

Bride: 703-314-5458


Is there a dress code?

The ceremony and reception dress code is semi-formal. No jeans but no tuxes - find a happy medium!

Can I bring a date?

We will address invitations to those invited. If it is just you on the invite, fly solo and party with your people.

Can I bring my kids?

While we love your little ones, this is an adults-only wedding. We're hoping that mom and dad can enjoy a weekend away to celebrate with us!

Will there be dancing?

Get ready to boogie.

Is transportation provided?

If you are staying in one of the designated-block hotels, buses are available to the ceremony, reception, and back to the hotel. Otherwise, you are welcome to park at one of the block hotels and ride the shuttle bus, or provide your own transportation to the ceremony and reception. We'll provide directions.